Ekstern behandling av halebenssmerter (coccydynia)

By 19. november 2019

Ekstern behandling av halebenssmerter (coccydynia)

31 mars – 2020 Sted: Leiden, Nederland / Arr: Rost Therapy, Nederland

Praktisk kurs i Leiden, Nederland, behandling av pasienter med smerter i halebenet. Undervisningsspråk: Engelsk. Fra arrangørens presentasjon av kurset: 

Do you have patients with acute or persistent coccydynia? Have you ever wanted to develop your manual skills to treat coccydynia externally? Do you like to treat your patients with a patient friendly, painless treatment that is highly effective? Would you like to be trained in assessing coccyx dislocations, finding the cause of referred pain in the coccyx and be able to treat in the best practice way? In Holland this course is very popular among physiotherapists, orthopedic doctors and manual therapists.

New in the Netherlands: on March 31st 2020, the popular Coccydynia course will be presented for an English speaking audience! We hired the penthouse in a popular Leiden museum: Corpus. Leiden is situated close to Schiphol airport and has excellent public transport. Close to all Holland can offer tourists! Leiden, Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, anything you like.

There is no internal assessment/treatment in this course. The course will be a combination of clinical reasoning and practical labs. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for labs.

I forkant bør man ha gjennomført e-læringskurset som ligger her: www.rosttherapy.com/courses/coccydynia

12 mars – 14 mars 2020

Tverrfaglig muskel- og skjelettseminar

Hotell Norge, Bergen / Arr: Manuellterapeutenes Servicekontor i samarb. med NMF
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20 mars – 2020

Primærkontaktkurs – svimmelhet og vestibulære sykdommer

Hammersborggata 16, 0181 Oslo, Norge / Arr: Norsk Manuellterapeutforening
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27 mars – 28 mars 2020

Kurs 3 Ultralyd og ultralydveiledete injeksjoner, muskel og skjelett

Østensjøveien 36, Oslo / Arr: Manuellterapeutenes Servicekontor i samarb. med FUA og Ultralyd Trøndelag
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18 april – 19 april 2020


Oslo / Arr: NMF
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5 juni – 2020

Primærkontaktkurs – Psykiske lidelser i et bio-psykososialt perspektiv

AOF, Hammersborggata 16, 0181 Oslo, Norge / Arr: Norsk Manuellterapeutforening
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6 juni – 2020

Workshop i manipulasjon, Bergen

Bergen / Arr: Norsk Manuellterapeutforening
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